Just Like Honey #17

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You Can’t Keep Me by Amy LaVere

The Cigarette Duet by Princess Chelsea

Come Rain, Come Sunshine by Pallers

Words Of Wisdom by Hoodie Allen

I Need Seed by Thee Oh Sees

Ophelia by Luke Temple

Everything Is Dancing by Fair Ohs

By The Sea by Oh Minnows

Stratosphere by Dubious Caesar

Letter To A Friend by Pregnant

Apples and Pears by Rainbow Chan

Bridges Burned by Seeker Lover Keeper

Browne and Proud by Shit Browne

In The Other Room by Oversat

Here I Am by Hello moon

Wouldn’t Mind the Wait by Tipsy in Chelsea

Broken By Inertia by Cloudy Busey

Westside Street by The Deep Dark Woods

Also mentioned: Jonathan Ross and Véronique Jeannot